In this post, we are going to explore 10 top tips on how to optimise your profile. By optimising your profile, this will help you match with more employers and secondly, make your profile stand out when viewed by an employer.

Tops Tips

1) Ensure you fully understand how works. As a reminder, here is a little video that explains how the site works:

2) You will remain anonymous throughout the application process, unless and until you decide to apply for a role, in which case your details will then be revealed to that employer and for that role only. You will remain anonymous for all other roles and employers.

3) Unless you are selecting a Part 1 or Part 2 position, you can select up to three positions, and we'd encourage you to select at least two. The more positions you select, the more roles you can be matched too.

4) Be flexible with your locations. The more locations you select, the more likely you are to be matched to a role. As not everyone can just pick up sticks, if you're unable to move for a role, consider whether there are other locations you could possibly select as they may be within commuting distance from where you live.

5) Be sensible with your salary. While it does not influence which roles you are matched with, the information is passed on to the employers. If you rate your salary expectations too high, you are less likely to be asked to apply for the role.

6) Fill out all your higher education and work experience. If you have lots of added extras that you can't include, don't worry, these can be included within your CV and Portfolio when you are asked to apply for a role.

7) Fill out as much of the sector experience and skills as you have. The more areas you have skills in, even if just a small amount, the more likely you are to be matched to a position. You should be rating yourself against your peers - and don't be shy - as your peers won't be holding back either. Don't be tempted to overrate yourself though... you'll simply be sussed out by the employer and will jeopardise yourself for any future role with them.

8) Make sure you have your CV and Portfolio at the ready - employers will be asking for this when they invite you to apply for their roles.

9) Not interested in a role? No problem. Just let the employer know so that they can focus on finding other candidates.

10) Got another question? Check out our FAQ's, or feel free to reach us at