In this post, we are going to explore 10 top tips on how to optimise your job post. By optimising your job post, this should firstly help you match with candidates that fit the profile you are looking for, and secondly, make your job role stand out when viewed by a candidate.

Tops Tips

1) Ensure you fully understand how works. As a reminder, here is a little video that explains how the platform works:

2) Your company name will remain anonymous until you decide to invite a candidate to apply for the role you have posted. At this point, the company details will then be revealed to that candidate and for that role only. You will remain anonymous to that candidate for any other role that you have posted.

3) Try and avoid selecting 'competitive' as your salary bracket. We have it as an option as we know some employers like to use it, but candidates understandably like to know the salary bracket before applying for a role.

4) Use your company profile section to sell your company. Why should a candidate come and work for you? Don't forget, candidates also want to know the type of firm they have matched with before expressing their interest, so do say if you're a family firm, a boutique firm, an AJ100 firm etc., as candidates want to know!

5) Select the level of skill you want versus the peer group you are recruiting from. For example, if you are recruiting a Senior Architect, select the skill level required vs. all other Senior Architects and not all architects in general.

6) When matched with a candidate, you will see their experience and skills match percentage. These should be used as a guide. We suggest viewing the profiles of those with the highest scores first, and if you have the time and inclination, you can then view the profiles of those with the lower scores.

7) An 'invite to apply' is simply a request to see their whole CV and portfolio. Our algorithm will do the heavy lifting and help you find the best matches but we still suggest inviting multiple candidates, even if they don't seem to 100% fit the profile, so that you can pick the best candidates to interview after reviewing their submissions.

8) When you have been connected with a candidate, make sure you keep the candidate updated with the status of their application. There is nothing worse for a candidate than to be left hanging with no feedback.

9) If you decline a candidate after receiving their CV and Portfolio, or after interviewing them, do try and provide feedback. We all want our candidates to succeed, even if your company is not the right place for them, and by providing feedback they can then take this on board for future applications.  

10) Got another question? Check out our FAQ's, or feel free to reach us at